Welcome to Fassnacht Formenbau

In just a few years our Swabian company has become a tool manufacturer which, as a mid-sized business, is well-known beyond South Germany for good reasons:


excellenceWe have participated in the Germany-wide competition ‘EXCELLENCE IN PRODUCTION’ seven times. In 2004 we reached the 2nd and in the following year the 1st place in the category‚ External Tool-Maker with less than 100 employees’.

We became the competitions overall winner in 2007 and, despite the economic crisis, we achieved another excellent 2nd place in 2009. We celebrated the company's 20th birthday with the 1st place in a particularly competitive field of participants in 2010. With further victories in the years 2012 and 2017 we have now achieved seven podium placements out of our seven participations in the competition. We were especially happy to return to the competition with such success after a four-year hiatus.


By now we can also call ourselves a ‘Traumfirma’ (dream company) officially. In 2018 we received a record-setting 87% approval from our employees in the corresponding survey. Some impressions and opinions from the award ceremony in the WWK-Arena of the FC Augsburg are presented in the video to the right.

 Our Team A sound enterprises background is characteristic. Wolfgang Faßnacht started from scratch as a 25-year-old master toolmaker. Just one year later he relocated from a backyard workshop to a rented new building in Königsbrunn.

Our company has grown constantly since and is able to develop solutions for all requirements of injection-moulding with its established workforce of 23 employees in its own respectable company building.

Our operation building Since word has spread about ‘Made by Fassnacht’, clients are coming to Bobingen from all over the world. We have specialized in highly complex injection moulds, e.g. multi-component and thin-wall technology as well as film back injection and in-mould decoration.

For the past 25 years we have satisfied customers in the automotive and medical industries, in packaging and household technology, in the construction and electrical business as well as numerous other sectors with our extensive experience.

Nominierung Oskar-Patzelt Preis