Our new building 2021/22

neubau 2021

After 23 years in our current building and two extensions, we have sadly reached its technical and spatial limits.

Therefore, it is time for something completely new!

We have been planning a new building for almost two years.
In August 2021 we were finally able to start the actual work on it.
We will regularly update the current status in the video to the right.

Only a few of the highlights of our new building:

  • More space for machines and our colleagues
    (Current productive space: ca. 1.092m2/11.754sq ft, new productive space: ca. 2.512m2/27.039sq ft)
  • Fully air-conditioned production and offices
  • Greatly improved energy efficiency and extensive use of renewable energies (Efficiency house 55, photovoltaics and our own CHP plant) •
  • Future viability due to fibreglass networking, intelligent building controls and an infrastructure completely optimized for mould making (e.g., 15 crane installations)

Of course, we will remain true to our strengths and will continue to provide a pleasant working environment, bright and ergonomic workplaces, short response times, optimal service and naturally injection moulds of the absolutely best quality.